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Beschreibung: image003Hi, my name is Wolfgang Hilger. I´m 57 years old and  I´m Esther´s father. I want to talk to you about some special things more.

You have read about Esther and her problems - and about her hope. Most people are touched in their heart when they hear about this. I hope this story will move in your heart for a while. Why?










All the good things Esther has experienced and that will happen to her in future are coming from the Almighty God who created earth and heaven. He loves all people. Thats the reason He made them. He loves you too! Therefore Jesus said to the Father when men went away from God: “Father I´ll carry the burden and I´ll die to pay their guilt. So they can live.” Now you and I can not only be just a creation but Children of God. And because Jesus died for all men we have the opportunity for what God planned for mankind: A Life forever with God and the possibilities in a close relationship with Him. Jesus said: I came that you can have real life - more life than you need or imagine.

I encourage you to call out for God. It´s so important. You are missing to much in this life – and after this time your life in eternity. You can know him personally. The best way to meet him is to read the Bibel. You can see there who he is. Read the Gospel of John. He was the best friend of Jesus and knew him very intimately.

If you want to know more about Jesus please look for Christians in your area who really know him. And please mail me and click on “Kontakt” in the left Frame . I want to pray for you and surely will answers.

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